Advanced training on plumbing skills completed

In Jordan, twelve technicians of the partner Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places have successfully completed the advanced training on plumbing skills

Qualifying local people for the management of operations and maintenance (O&M) is key to ensure the sustainability of Sanitation for Millions’ rehabilitation and construction works. In Jordan, Sanitation for Millions implements in close cooperation with its partner the Ministry of Awqaf, Holy Places and Islamic Affairs (MoIA), which is responsible for the supervision of all mosques in the country. To date, Sanitation for Millions qualified more than 800 experts on O&M of sanitary facilities through its Facility Management & Maintenance (Hausmeister) concept.

Building on experiences and knowledge from the Hausmeister concept, the attendees of this advanced training further deepened and expanded their plumbing skills. At the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) in Amman, the technicians improved their theoretical knowledge in designing and implementing sanitary units, in the operation procedures of water and drainage networks and sanitation instruments, in identifying and evaluating place and size of defects and leakages on water systems in sanitary units and in maintenance skills. Also, first hands-on exercises were done at the VTC. Most of the practical part, however, was done in different orphanages in Amman – a win-win situation for both the technicians and the orphanages. The technicians who received the training are now able to maintain the sanitary facilities in Mosques and other places and can serve as multipliers to spread their knowledge.

Author: Laura Kieweg