World Toilet Day 2022: Sanitation for Millions spreads knowledge and raises awareness

3.6 billion people still lack access to safe sanitation. On November 19th, we commemorate this alarming situation and call to action – because safe sanitation is a human right and a basic condition for a good and healthy life!

In Jordan, Sanitation for Millions in cooperation with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation conducted a session in a school in Amman to spread knowledge and raise awareness on the importance of safe sanitation and hygiene. Around 80 interested students learned and discussed about health risks and safe handwashing practices, among other topics (see photos below).

In Uganda, a learning event between the Apac Cluster towns and Anaka cluster towns was held as a pre-event on the 17th of November 2022 at the Apac Municipal Council. The participants reflected and exchanged experiences from the implementation of Sanitation for Millions in the Apac cluster (see photos below).

In Pakistan, several sanitation facilities constructed or rehabilitated by Sanitation for Millions were inaugurated. Furthermore, an event to raise awareness on the importance of safe sanitation and hygiene was conducted for Afghan refugees in Quetta.

In Colombia, an infographic was developed and shared broadly via official channels (see infographic below).